Governance, compliance and risks

  • Gap Analysis
  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) framework implementation (COSO)
  • Governance
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Regulations, policies and procedures


  • Environmental diagnosis (“gap analysis”), based on proprietary methodology, inspired by inspections carried out by the Central Bank, with application of a gap prioritization index, developed by Riskfence
  • Enhancement of your company’s internal policies through sound governance concepts
  • Increase of transparency for pricing of assets and liabilities
  • Efficient utilization and maintenance of policies and procedures
  • Establishment of internal agreements targeting a more transparent and accurate cost and income split between areas (SLAs)
  • Enhancement of the governance in your company
  • Reinforcement of a positive perception of your company by regulatory bodies, market and shareholders
  • Optimization of credit, market, operational and liquidity risk management
  • Preparation of your company for internal and external audits as well as for inspections by regulatory bodies
  • Risk reduction when implementing new products
  • Implementation of an efficient compliance function
  • Reinforcement of the internal audit work in your company
  • Support for your company to better know your clients
  • Better efficiency for your company in managing new regulations
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