Credit Cooperatives

Riskfence offers a dedicated division for the credit cooperatives, with experts who count with great experience in the national financial system and who present relevant credentials in the cooperative industry.

The exclusive solutions presented below have been designed by these experts aiming at the strengthening of your cooperative, enabling a sustained growth and better services to your members.


Treasury Management

  • Implementation of governance and investment policy
  • Assessment of processes and controls in order to enhance efficiency and to reduce financial and operational risks
  • Support on the negotiation with counterpart financial institutions in order to enhance commercial conditions

Strategic Cost Management

  • Assessment and reshaping of organizational and functional structures
  • Review of procurement processes targeting at greater savings

Training and Development

Technical Training

  • Training in Finance
  • Training in business strategy

Governance, compliance and risks

Risk Management

  • Evaluation of the risk management governance
  • Revision of the management tools for credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, operational risk and image risk
  • Evaluation of the compliance activities

Business Strategy

Business Management

  • Mapping, evaluation and training of the sales force
  • Market and strategy evaluation
  • Revision of the target setting and bonus program
  • Evaluation of business alignment in statutes and regulations
  • Budget process assessment
  • Analysis of assets pricing model
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